Stories for My Grandchildren

"Dugan's Bakery"
"Golden Guernsey Milk"


Another fond memory I have is the “Dugan Man” at the Jersey shore. After my Nan & Pop moved from Newark to Point Pleasant, NJ around 1960 we would go and visit during the summer for sometimes up to a month or so. Coming from rural southern Virginia we weren’t exposed to delivery services so it was a real treat when the Dugan Man drove up in his truck, usually twice a week. He always had an immaculate uniform and carried a huge basket with selected bakery goods. The items were always very fresh and we would try new products from time to time but Nan was a sucker for their “crumb cake” which I am still trying to reproduce to this very day. You could always tell when someone had been eating Crumb Cake because it was usually down the front of you by the time you finished. You also had to have something great to wash it down and that was Golden Guernsey Milk. I don’t know if it was actually any better than any other milk but Nan bought it because it sounded good therefore it had to taste better.


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