Stories for My Grandchildren

"Poached Eggs on Toast"

Being a product of the 50s, for breakfast, I was brought up eating whatever breakfast cereal had a toy inside the box. My favorite was the submarine Nautilus. I would sit across from my brother, Cliff and we would never even acknowledge each other. He would be reading a box of “Kix” placed in front of him blocking my view. I would have “Rice Krispies” in front of me.

I was also a sickly child suffering from acute Asthma until I turned 12 or so.

My favorite time of year was when school was letting out for the year and I would get to go see my grandparents, “Nan & Pop” in Newark, NJ. It was a wonderful time that was spend 90% with Nan and 10% with Pop.

One year, when I was about 5 or 6, I got very sick. The only remedy for Asthma in those days was to remove whatever I was allergic to and wait it out. In extreme cases I would be taken to an emergency room and given a “shot of adrenaline.” (Epinepherine)

Nan would put me in the back bedroom which was a treat because I usually slept on their sofa. Since there was no TV in bedrooms or Radio in the room illness was extremely boring but it did have its perks! Breakfast in Bed. Nan would bring me Poached Eggs on Toast which I could never remember eating before. It seemed so special that I would ask for it every breakfast. Now, needless to say, whenever I fix Poached Eggs on Toast it never fails to bring up memories of my grandmother, Nan.


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