Stories for My Grandchildren

"Uncle Lou and His Train Set"


When I was very young, maybe 3 or 4 years old, I remember going to my Uncle Lou and Aunt Ruthie Albert's apartment in Newark which seemed to me very close to where my Nan & Pop lived. They were two of the most loving people I was ever around and were very special to me. Aunt Ruthie would always smother me with hugs and kisses and tell me how handsome I was. Just the thing ever young boy longed for. (sarcasm) Uncle Lou, like all the adult male Alberts I ever knew, treated me as a man and not so much a boy. I always loved visiting them.

I recall a great room which was probably the kitchen, dining, and living room all in one. Off to the side was this humongous H-O scale train set. WOW! How fortunate this grown man was to have his own train right in his house. I was so envious! He was so proud of his setup that he would spend most of our visit demonstrating to my brother and me about his trains. Perhaps this is the reason why I have my own train set today.

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