Stories for My Grandchildren

"Army Helmet"

While visiting the Jersey shore my mother would always take us for walks on the beach. She would always tell me to stay close to her as I was a hyper active child.. At 5 or 6 years old I didn't understand why and after 30 seconds or so I would once again run ahead to see what I could find or discover. Imagine my good fortune when I got just out of ear shot and discovered an old Army helmet buried in the sand. I yelled back to mom but she couldn't hear me because the wind was blowing so hard.

 I was so excited, I decided not to wait for her but decided instead to pick it up and carry it back to her. I grabbed the outside of the helmet and turned it over to empty the sand out of it and all these legs started moving and a tail shot out the back. I had never seen anything so ugly in my life and was in total horrified shock screaming as loud as I could. Mom came running and when she saw what it was and I told her I thought it was an Army Helmet she laughed 'til she wet herself. I didn't stray very far away from her for the rest of the summer.


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