Stories for My Grandchildren

"Bow Wow Wants a Boy For Christmas"

Chi Chi 1956

When I was 5 or 6 years old, I had to sing "Bow Wow Wants a Boy for Christmas" in front of our church in southern Virginia. This would have been the winter of 1955 or 56. My mother practiced with me for hours/days. Even the church pianist/organist had a couple of run-throughs with me. I had it down perfect!

Well, the night of the performance, mom put a giant red bow on Chi Chi our Pekinese. I was in my suit and bow tie looking spiffy holding Chi Chi! The music started and I began to sing. Through all the practices, Chi Chi was absent, after all she wasn't going to sing. Well, Chi Chi was the star performer that night. She started howling and didn't stop until the music ended. Mom was crying and mortified, I was frustrated telling Chi Chi to shut up, and the entire Church was literally rolling in the aisles.  

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